Being Boss: Q & A with Being Boss Podcast Hosts, Kathleen Shannon & Emily Thompson

Being Boss is a top-ranked business podcast listened to by thousands of entrepreneurs and creatives each week. Also, it’s my favorite.

Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson interview some of the top names in business and cover topics ranging from finances and business planning to creativity and self-care. Some of their guests include Brene` Brown (queen of vulnerability), Chris Guillebeau (king of side hustle), Melissa Hartwig (co-creator of Whole30) and so many more. 

I was most excited to talk to them about self-care, a topic I’ve been intrigued by lately. So many of us spend our days plowing through to-do lists and focusing on all the tasks we have to get done, that we rarely take time to take proper care of ourselves – emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

I’m putting together a 30-day self-care challenge that’s kicking off the first week of April. I’ll send you a list of 30 ways to take care of yourself, and we’ll try to do one a day for 30 days straight. Click below to sign up for the challenge!

Back to Being Boss: Kathleen and Emily’s first book, Being Boss, is coming out in April, and I absolutely cannot wait to read it. I had the opportunity to interview them about their book, the podcast and just all the things. Here’s what they had to say:

Being Boss Book.jpg

What inspired you to write the Being Boss book?

We started our podcast Being Boss three years ago and the honest conversations we were having about what it takes to launch and sustain a creative business really seemed to resonate with our listeners who wanted to hear the real deal! A couple years, over a hundred episodes, and millions of downloads later we had a hunch that a book might be in us as well. We took it as a sign when an agent who ended up being a perfect fit reached out to us to ask if we had considered taking our podcast to the publishing world.

Can readers expect to find anything in the book they haven't heard in the podcast? Or is it more a culmination of what we hear in your episodes?

If you’ve listened to every single podcast (high five!) then you’ve probably heard us share a lot of what is in the book at one point or another. Our goal was to concisely share our entrepreneurial stories alongside our very best advice, worksheets, and exercises around cultivating confidence, getting in the boss mindset, creating productive boundaries, establishing supporting habits and routines, and blending work and life in a way that feels balanced. 

Some of our most dedicated listeners who have received advanced copies of the book have said that they’re grateful to have or best nuggets all in one place (while still sounding like us!).

I see that you write about self-care in the book. Why is self-care so important for entrepreneurs?

Self-care is definitely having a big moment in the creative entrepreneur space. When we see people feeding their animals better than they feed themselves – or giving their cars more love than their own bodies … that’s a problem! It can be easy to put your body, mind, and spirit on the back burner when you have deadlines to meet and adult obligations (like dishes, bills, and laundry) to tend to. But what’s the point of meeting all your goals and checking off all your to-dos if you feel terrible? In a world that is trying to sell us stuff on making us feel less-than, self-care is designed to make us feel like we’re enough.  

Why do you think entrepreneurs have such a hard time listening to their own needs?

As entrepreneurs we are solely responsible for our businesses. Our days are filled with making decisions, taking risks, and grinding it out. There’s often not a lot of space leftover to think about what we need when we’re tending to what the business needs in order to be successful. It comes down to priorities not being aligned with long-term goals, and that’s one of the things we’ve tackled in our book in a way we haven’t been able to in the podcast.

I read that part of the book is about mapping out your goals. What do you think is the best way to stay focused on your primary goals?

Our favorite way to stay focused is with the Chalkboard Method® – we’ve talked about this visual goal-setting tool on our podcast and wanted to make sure it was in the book too. The idea is to make space for what you want and to make it visual. It’s equal parts accountability to do the work and a little bit of manifesting magic.

On your podcast, you talk a lot about how your business can blend into your life in a healthy way. Do you talk about this in the book? Why is this so important to you?

It’s as simple as this: when you don’t fragment who you are and bring your whole self to the work you do – especially when it comes to what you value and what you intend that work to do in the world – you will be more creatively fulfilled and the work you make will resonate and make a positive impact on those it touches. 

Also, the work you do is taking up a big chunk of your life – so it should matter to you personally! 

So yes, the idea of blending who you are into the work you do is a theme that carries through the entire book.

What would your advice be to someone who feels stuck in their current career? 

You have a few options: 

    1.    You could start a side-hustle or take a course in something that sparks your creative interest and begins to move you forward in a direction that feels fulfilling.

    2.    You could find a day job or internship where you can learn more about what you actually want to be doing

    3.    Ask for what you want – whether that’s a raise or to initiate a special project that piques your interest – you can do a lot to get unstuck where you already are

You ask your guests at the end of each episode what makes them feel most boss. I'd love to hear your own answers to this question.

Kathleen: I feel most boss when I’m meeting with my team to vision out our goals and big ideas and then break those down into tasks that eventually take us step-by-step to see our dreams realized. For example, writing a book didn’t happen overnight. It took almost TWO years of little steps to get there and it’s a total dream to now see it in print (and hopefully on a best seller list!) 

Emily: I feel most boss when I walk away from work to live my life, knowing that it’s all still running and getting done. We’ve built something that has grown so much bigger than us, and the structures that hold it up give me the freedom to live my life on my own terms, whether that’s taking long lunch breaks with my family or enjoying mid-day yoga sessions. This makes me feel most like I’m doing it right, not to mention the fact that what we’ve built affords everyone on our team the exact same freedoms. Boss bliss.

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Being Boss hits the shelves April 10, but you can pre-order it now and even get some free swag for ordering it early. Sign up for my email list to get pre-order details right to your inbox.