Let's Publish a Book

Ok, friends. I’ve been talking about this for nearly half my life, but I’m finally writing a book.

Like for real.


I’ve learned so much about the book publishing world over the last few months (which is why I haven't been blogging as frequently), and let me tell you it is just that – a whole different world. I’ll spare you the details for now, but here’s a short summary of where I’m at in the process:

I’ve put together a proposal for a book about self-worth and acceptance. It is a series of short stories, mostly humorous, some pretty deep, but all with a theme of grace. The tone is somewhere between Shauna Niequist (but less eloquent) and Amy Poehler (but not as funny because duh she is queen). I’m not going to release the title just yet, but will hopefully be able to release it soon(ish).

On July 31st, I’ll begin pitching my proposal to agents in hopes that one will pick it up. If you are my friend at all you know that I chose July 31st because it’s Harry Potter’s birthday, and I fully believe in magic.


Also because my deadline to finish the proposal happens to fall the day before.

If an agent likes my book, he/she will try to find a publisher to pick it up. Then I will continue the process of actually writing the book. So far, I have written five sample chapters. I may share one or two of them with you throughout the process if you’re interested.

So, here’s how you can help me make this little dream a reality. In order to get picked up by an agent, I’ve been told by a consultant I need to grow my platform. That means they want to see that people are actually interested in reading my words. You can be a HUGE part of this by doing the following 3 things:

1. Sign up for my email list right here.

If you’ve already signed up, send this link to your friends/family who you think might enjoy my writing. This is the biggest way you can help get this book published.

2. Join my new Facebook community, The Imperfectionists. This is where I will share my blog posts, along with content from other writers, speakers, podcasters, etc. that I find uplifting. My hope is that this will be a community where anyone who joins can share content, so we can all encourage each other to give ourselves grace and acceptance. We’re all out here doing the best that we can, so let’s support each other.


3. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @onemooreemily. I share a good bit of content on these accounts as well and would love to connect with you!

So that’s it. 

That’s my plan.

I’ll keep you guys posted as major developments come along, but as I mentioned, it can be a slow process. Thanks to those of you who have already supported my writing endeavors. You guys make this fun! And to those who haven’t, well you’re probably not reading this anyway, so – as you were.