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Summer Reading List


Well, not technically until June 21, but since it’s hot as Prince Harry in this joint, we’re celebrating early.

Nothing says summer vacay like lying poolside with a good book, and I’m sharing my summer reading list with all of you!

I did this in the fall, and you guys seemed to enjoy it, so I figured why. not make it a twice a year thing. I asked people on Instagram and Twitter what they were reading and have included some of their recs, some of my own, and some that are highly anticipated by the inter-world.

How I Prepared my Business for Maternity Leave

Early in my pregnancy, I knew I wanted to take a maternity leave once the baby got here. But when you run your own business, it’s scary to think of stepping away for an extended period of time. Moore Media Group was my first baby, and the thought of abandoning it for a couple of months really freaked me out.

I started thinking of what maternity leave would look like for me and what I needed to do ahead of time to prepare the business to run without me. Now as I begin to transition back to work I am incredibly thankful for this precious time, and I want to share what I did to prepare my company for my absence so that it could continue to thrive and I could turn all of my attention to my new baby without feeling stressed. Here’s what worked best for me and for Moore Media Group.

It’s OK to Drop the Ball

I’ve been a mom for less than two months, and I’m fairly certain I’ve already traumatized my kid. 

It happened this week en route to her 6-week checkup. The morning had gone beautifully, and I was considering nominating myself for mother of the year since I got her fed, dressed and out the door with a headband in her hair all while finding time to eat a bowl of oatmeal and put on a bra.

“Don't you put me on the Tweeter.”

- Jo Ann Sherrer, my Mawmaw