My name is Emily Moore, two of the most common names in the world. I used to work as a breaking news reporter. It was my dream job until I actually started doing it and realized it wasn't.

Then I tried out the corporate world and was not thrilled with the 9-to-5 slacks and heels life.

In order to pursue the life that I wanted, I quit my job and created my own media company (Moore Media Group). We help our clients connect with their audience in a clear, creative and professional manner, primarily through social media, video and their websites.

One year after quitting my job to start Moore Media Group, I had more than doubled my previous salary, supported a full-time employee and several freelancers, and taken on some of the best clients imaginable. I get to be my own boss and make my own schedule each and every day. That looks like taking care of myself (physically, mentally and emotionally), pursuing dreams I never thought I’d have time for, going on more vacations, and spending way more time with my red-headed husband.

Now I get to help other creatives do the same (except the spending more time with my husband part). Whether you’re on the brave journey of growing your own business or unhappy with your current work situation, I want to share resources with you to lead you to a happy, healthy blend of life, work and self.

Because you know what? We may not have it all together, but we’re all going to be ok.